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    Утренние службы начинаются в 8:00

    Вечерние службы начинаются в 17:00

    1 августа, Неделя 6-я по Пятидесятнице. Память святых отцов шести Вселенских Соборов. Обретение мощей прп. Серафима Саровского, чудотворца

    2 августа, Пророка Илии

    4 августа, мироносицы равноап. Марии Магдалины

    5 августа, Почаевской иконы Божией Матери

    6 августа, мчч. блгвв. кнн. Бориса и Глеба, во Святом Крещении Романа и Давида

    7 августа, Успение праведной Анны, матери Пресвятой Богородицы

    8 августа, Неделя 7-я по Пятидесятнице

    Для осуществления пожертвования желающий может перейти по ссылке: https://clck.ru/PByaY

Sunday Worship on 10 December

On December 10, on the day of the icon of the mother of God, called the Sign, Sunday worship was held in the Temple of the Holy Archangel Michael of Baku. After the Liturgy, was held a holiday pray Queen of Heaven.

In his sermon Archpriest Andrei (Bezotosnyy) explained to the congregation a parable of the healing of a bent woman.

God could do all in one day, but he worked six days. We honor Sunday because the time of rest ordained by God heals the soul. We need to spend all day in good faith and in practice. The holidays are days of peace for the body and for the soul, so that it can be more easily reborn to the heavens.

After the prayers, Archpriest Methodius (Efendiyev) addressed the parishioners with the Sunday sermon. He was talking about the faith of the bent woman. This unhappy woman has seen nothing but the ashes of the Earth. This woman had an ugly body, but her soul was clean. She believed she'd get a cure. The Lord did not meet her on the street, in the market, but in the temple. But the Pharisees began to condemn Christ for having healed her on Saturday. There is no schedule for God, and therefore Christ has called them hypocrites. Their souls have been mutilated by pride.

We must keep love and hope for God as a hunched woman in our hearts.

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