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Sunday Worship on 3 December

On 3 December, a Sunday service was held in the Temple of St. Michael, in the city of Baku.

In his sermon, Archpriest Andrei (Bezotosnyy) explained to the members of gospel the Parable of the mad Richman.

The mad richman of the Gospel parable has acted wisely by Earth standards. But on the same night, his soul had to break up with the body. Except for the empty dreams of delight, he had nothing, and he imposed for eternal suffering. He died so suddenly, because he had already reached the limit of sin. Much good can be done with wealth, but he only thought about himself. He would have been more sinful. We must accumulate wealth in the souls, not in the banks.

After the Liturgy Archpriest Methodius (Efendiyev) told to prayers about mad richman.

Only death can put everything in its place. A man should not be distracted by false and empty feelings, he must try to reflect on the jewels of life. The jewels are to live a life worthy of being justified before God.

When you meet any person, remember that it may be the last meeting. The Gospel invites us to think about it so that we can learn to know the price and the weight of our words and actions, that they will be filled with gospel meaning.

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