• Расписание богослужений

    Начало утренних богослужений в 8.00, вечерних – 17 : 00

    18.01.19 Крещенский Сочельник 

    9.00 Царские Часы

    11:00 Литургия

    12:30 Великое Освящение воды

    17:00 Всенощная

    19.01.19 Крещение Господне, Богоявление

    7:00 ранняя Литургия

    8:30 Великое Освящение воды

    9:30 поздняя Литургия и праздничный молебен

The Cathedral of Archangel Michael and other celestial forces of the dense

On 21 November, a holiday worship led by very archbishop of Baku and Azerbaijani Alexander, was held in the Temple of the St. Archangel Michael in the city of Baku.

On the eve of 20 November was held the vigil with consecration of bread. The service was led by very Archbishop of Baku and Azerbaijani Alexander.

On 21 November in the temple were baptized the Liturgy and the pray for patron of the temple, St. Michael. At the end the Archbishop of Baku and Azerbaijani Alexander listened to Sunday School students ' presentation by the Junior and senior group under the direction of the regent, Christina Vladimirovna Efendiyev.

The archbishop of Baku and Azerbaijani Alexander congratulated the clergy and members of the out and the icons of St. Michael the Archangel, sacred in Jerusalem.

Holiday Service: Divine Liturgy

Holiday service: The Crusade and the Pray

Holiday service: Temple Sunday School student performance

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