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Sunday Worship on 12 November

On 12 November, on the day of the memory of martyr Zenobius, Bishop of Aegean, and sister of his Zynoviy, Sunday worship was held in the Temple of St. Michael, in the city of Baku.

Archpriest Andrei (Bezotosnyy) explained the words of Sunday Gospel reading to believers.

Why did the Lord let Demons moved in pigs? He did this for us to understand how much Satan hates all God’s creatures. Moreover, the Jews were forbidden by law to eat pork, and herds of pigs were tempting for all believers.

After the Liturgy, Archpriest Methodius (Efendiev) turned to the congregation with the pastoralist teachings. All Gospel events are very close to our situation today. We are not much different from an unhappy lunatic obsessed with demons. And in the same way as the inhabitants of the Gardarin, fear to let Christ into our lives.


Zinoviy, Bishop of Aegean, and his sister Zenobius suffered martyred death in 285, in Cilicia. From childhood they received the Holy Christian faith from their parents and led a pious, chaste life. In mature years they handed over their property to the poor. For charity and for the Holy Life, the Lord awarded Zenobius the gift of healing of various diseases. He was elected Bishop of the Christian community in Cilicia.

Holy Zinoviy zealously propagated the faith of Christianity among the pagans. When Emperor Diocletian (284-305) began to persecute Christians, Bishop Zinoviy was first captured and taken to court.

On the order of Lysias, he was beaten to the cross and started torturing. The bishop’s sister, seeing his brother’s suffering, wished them to share it. She confessed fearlessly her faith in Christ, for which she was also given to torture. By the strength of the Lord, survivors of tortures, the Saints were decapitated.

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