• Расписание богослужений

    Начало утренних богослужений в 8.00, вечерних – 17 : 00

    18.01.19 Крещенский Сочельник 

    9.00 Царские Часы

    11:00 Литургия

    12:30 Великое Освящение воды

    17:00 Всенощная

    19.01.19 Крещение Господне, Богоявление

    7:00 ранняя Литургия

    8:30 Великое Освящение воды

    9:30 поздняя Литургия и праздничный молебен

Sunday worship service October 22

On October 22, the day of remembrance of the Holy fathers of the VII Ecumenical Council and Apostle Jacob, in the Church of St. Michael Archangel hosted the Sunday worship service. After the liturgy, there was a celebratory prayer.

The prior of a temple Archpriest Methodius (Effendiev) explained the question of the veneration of icons. The first icon was ubrus, towel, which miraculously showing the face of Christ. We don’t worship an image, but God, who became incarnate to our flesh was associated with him. The Holy Spirit entered the world and lives with us.

The second Council of Nicaea (also known as the Seventh Ecumenical Council) was convened in the year 787, in the city of Nicaea, when Empress Irene (widow of Emperor Leo Hozara), and consisted of 367 bishops, representing mainly the eastern part of the Church, and the Pope's legates Roman.

Council was convened against iconoclasm caused over 60 years before the Cathedral, when Byzantine Emperor Leo iconoclastic period, who, wishing to eliminate the obstacles to a peaceful neighborhood with Muslims, felt it necessary to abolish the veneration of icons. This period continued to exist and when his son Constantine Kopronime and grandson Leo Hozare.

In the Orthodox Church to the memory of the Holy fathers of the seventh Ecumenical Council occurred in Sunday, the end of the 1-St decade or the beginning of the 2nd decades October (according to the Julian calendar).

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