• Расписание богослужений

    Начало утренних богослужений в 8.00, вечерних – 17 : 00

    18.01.19 Крещенский Сочельник 

    9.00 Царские Часы

    11:00 Литургия

    12:30 Великое Освящение воды

    17:00 Всенощная

    19.01.19 Крещение Господне, Богоявление

    7:00 ранняя Литургия

    8:30 Великое Освящение воды

    9:30 поздняя Литургия и праздничный молебен

Sunday worship service October 15

15 October the Sunday service at the Church of St. Michael the Archangel Church in Baku was headed by Archbishop of Baku and Azerbaijan. After the liturgy a prayer at the beginning of the reconstruction of the dome of the temple.

Bishop congratulated parishioners with Sunday afternoon and with the beginning of a new phase of reconstruction of the temple dome. The dome of the temple repaired in 1967 after a devastating fire. A great help in this matter  provided the leader of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev. Now the dome will be completely updated.


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