• Расписание богослужений

    Начало утренних богослужений в 8.00, вечерних – 17 : 00

    18.01.19 Крещенский Сочельник 

    9.00 Царские Часы

    11:00 Литургия

    12:30 Великое Освящение воды

    17:00 Всенощная

    19.01.19 Крещение Господне, Богоявление

    7:00 ранняя Литургия

    8:30 Великое Освящение воды

    9:30 поздняя Литургия и праздничный молебен

Cover of Holy Virgin Lady Theotokos

14 October, together with all the Orthodox Christians, parishioners of the Archangel Mickle Church of Baku pointed to the feast of the Cover of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Archpriest Andrey (Bezotosnyy) told the crowd about the history of the holiday. After the liturgy took place a festive prayer service.

Rector of the church Priest Mefody appealed to parishioners with pastoral Word. He said that anyone who follows Christ, is under the patronage of the Virgin. But between us and those who prayed then for the salvation of his hometown, there is a big difference. They prayed as one-the whole nation with his ruler.

We strive for unity, but satan tries to ruin it and succeeds in doing so. But, having a strong faith, we can fight it.

People were praying in the early days in the placing of the temple got let through unity. We, too, must be United and worthy of Her intercession.

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