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Sunday worship service October 8

October 8 Orthodox Christians remember Saint Sergius, Radonezhsk’s hegumen, Wonderworker of all Russia. On this day, fell on a Sunday, in the Temple of Archangel Michael in Baku was celebrated the Liturgy and holiday prayer service.

Archpriest Andrey (Bezotosnyy) explained to the assembled parishioners Sunday Gospel reading: without the help of God, without God’s blessing, none of our cases would not succeed.

After a celebratory prayer Rector, Archpriest Methodius (Affendiev) addressed the audience at the service with his pastoral Word. He spoke about the heroism of St. Sergius of Radonezh. From childhood he loved God and always kept Him in his heart. Saint Sergius is both mysterious and accessible to all who approach him with hot prayers. The Abbot invited all parishioners to request the St. Sergius that he the Lord has vouchsafed us the prayers heartfelt simplicity.

St. Sergius was born in village Varnita, under Growing, may 3 year 1314 in the family of pious and noble boyars Cyril and Mary and at birth received the name of Bartholomew. On Wednesday and Friday he did not take the mother’s milk, on other days, if Mary used in meat, Babe also refused to milk.

At the age of seven, Bartholomew gave the study together with two brothers. His brothers learned successfully, but Bartholomew behind in teaching. One day the father sent Bartholomew apprentic in the field. On the way he met an angel sent by God: old monk stood under an oak tree among fields and committed prayer. Bartholomew approached him and became wait for prayer. He blessed the kid, kissed and asked what he wanted. Bartholomew replied: “I wish with all my heart to learn literacy, Holy Father, pray for me to God to help me”. Monk performed the request of Bartholomew, lifted his prayer to God and said to kid: “From now on, God gives you, my child, comprehend”.

Since then, Holy servant easily read and understood the contents of the books. With special zeal he became bogged down in prayer, without missing any worship service. Already in his childhood he imposed on himself a strict fasting, ate nothing on Wednesday and Friday, and at other times ate only bread and water.

Burying parents, Bartholomew together with his brother Stephen withdrew to forest (12 versts from Radonezh). Bartholomew on October 7 year 1337 took tonsure into monasticism of Abbot Mitrofan named Sergius the martyr (memory 7 October) and marked the beginning of a new settlement in the glory of the Holy Trinity. Undergoing temptations and demonic insurance, Reverend has ascended from strength to strength.

The glory of the exploits of the venerable Sergius became known in Constantinople and Patriarch Philotheus sent Venerable cross, paraman and Shimu, a blessing to the new feats, the blessed man of God advised ratification, arrange coenobite monastery.

During the life of Saint Sergius was awarded the Holy gift of miracles. He raised the boy, when a desperate father considered only sons forever lost. The fame of miracles, committed by the Reverend Sergius, began to spread quickly, and began to lead patients from the surrounding villages and from remote locations.

Russian land at that time suffered from the Tatar yoke. Grand Duke Dimitri Ivanovich Donskoi, gathering an army, came to the monastery of St. Sergius, to seek blessings on reaffirming the battle. In aid of the Grand Duke Rev. blessed two monks of the monastery: all Andrei (Osljabju) and 70 Alexandra (Overexposure) and predicted the victory of Grand Duke Dimitry. Prophecy of St. Sergius turns: 8 September 1380 a year, on the day of the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Russian soldiers won a complete victory over Tatar hordes at Kulikovo field, marking the beginning of the liberation of the Russian land from the Tatar yoke. During the battle of St. Sergius, together with brotherhood stood in prayer and asked God to grant victory of Russian troops.

In silent solitude Saint Sergius reposed unto God 25 September the year 1392.

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